What is HeyDouble?

HeyDouble is an offline dating platform of Paktor Group, but it serves as an independent company with its own database and clientele. Our business aims to offer greater opportunities for singles to meet through organizing social events, as well as personalized dating services for those who prefer one-to-one dating.

  1. HeyDouble Match-up service conducts personalised matching services based on our clients’ preferences. Our Relationship Managers will screen through all our members personally to ensure the validity of each profile and improve the quality of your matches.
  2. HeyDouble Events organizes events of different themes and activities (e.g. sit down dinner, prawning, karaoke, etc) to cater to singles with different interests. We are also in partnership with an image consulting company to offer image and dating courses for our HeyDouble members.

How do I meet Relationship Manager?

It is easy to meet with Relationship Manager. First, complete the free online profile. Once your profile has been approved by HeyDouble, you can proceed to schedule a free in-person meeting with your assigned personal Relationship Manager. This session is to find out more about you, such as background, personality, as well as your preferences in terms of your other half. The initial consultation with our consultants is complimentary.

How can I purchase a dates package?

In order to ensure the quality of each match, we meet all our members face-to-face for a short meet-up session. You can choose to purchase a dates package at the end of the session, or go online to purchase our packages with the URL provided after our meet-up session.

I have found my suitable partner on HeyDouble! What should I do with the extra dates left in my package?

We are really happy that you have found your love partner through HeyDouble! That is exactly what our business aims to achieve. Depending on your situation, there are several options that you can choose with regards to the extra dates. Please reach us at contact@heydouble.com so that we can discuss about your case.

Where will the dates be held?

We will based on you and your dating partners’ preferences to suggest a selected list of F&B partners that our team has identified as the best venues in town for first dates. HeyDouble members going on dates are eligible for additional discounts, depending on venues, to make your date even better! You only need to enjoy the date.

What if my arranged date is below my expectation?

We want to reassure you that every date arranged by our team is matched to the best of our abilities at that particular point in time. Each match is determined based on compatibility measures backed by scientific research and historical user behavior trends. You will also get to view a brief profile of your upcoming match prior to meeting your match in person and choose whether to go ahead with the date. Expectations are subjective, hence we hope that you will respect our professionalism in serving your best interests. You can view our return policy if you have further enquiries on this issue.

Is my profile public on HeyDouble?

Unlike some of the other dating agencies, we prefer to keep your profile private. We will only use your particulars to find you your best match, and only your identified match will be able to view a brief profile about you when confirming the date. This brief profile will not include your profile picture or any particulars that will make you identifiable.

How do I sign up for HeyDouble?

You can click on the link here to start profiling!

If I have more questions, who can I ask?

Please feel free to drop us an email at contact@heydouble.com if you have further questions. We would love to hear from you to find out how we can improve our business to serve you better.